All creative work requires an understanding and appreciation of technical challenges. These challenges are to be seen as opportunities to innovate and expand creativity. With every title I have worn, I have learned a new methodology for delivering an interactive product. I like to work hard and tell everyone it was easy.

iTEAM Network

Assistant Marketing Director 10.2015 –  12.2016

My time at iTEAM Network was extremely rewarding. With every new challenge we faced we have found new methods of marketing a product that cannot be sold or distributed like a typical piece of software. Using a combination of email marketing and affiliate marketing we managed send lists totaling over 1,300,000 emails.

Graphic Designer

Production Artist 05.2015 – 10.2015

My time at Gamesys gaming was a fun and unique experience. The headquarters for the company is located in London, which meant communication was done daily over video calls and instant messaging. The amazing artists I worked with taught me a lot of new digital art methodologies that I wouldn’t have learned in a traditional design position.


Marketing Specialist 01.2015 – 06.2015

Working closely with the Marketing Director I was taught how to properly execute a sales funnel and remarket to curious potential customers. Defining Customer demographics and segmenting lists helped me understand that a large mailing list is a powerful vessel for communication.


Marketing Specialist 07.2014 – 01.2015

This position was my introduction to affiliate marketing practices. We created several content websites with the sole purpose of building genuine and organic traffic that we could use as sales funnels. These websites all varied in genre and key demographics ranging from Healthy living to Male culture. We also had various projects that I created both marketing and packaging materials for.

Genesis Gaming

Production Artist 06.2012 – 07.2014

Genesis Gaming was a incredible work environment, Everyday I had the opportunity to work with the most talented group of artists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

In the two years I was there I went from basic production work such as slicing up art for the engineers to defining UI standards and working closely with the Marketing team in London. The quality and precision required to successfully launch an international money based slot game taught me more than I could have ever hoped.


Web Designer 08.2011 – 03.2012

eBizAutos creates and manages car dealership websites. My responsibilites were to create dealership brands and apply them to their online presence, ranging from ppc ads to online dealership inventory.