Arma Project Overview

Arma Email Marketing Templates

Policy Brief email:
1) Add links to the top of the email that scroll automatically to:
Canadian Policy
Washington Policy
Global Policy

2) Links for the Policy Breifs should be in the following order:
1 – Washington
2 – Global
3 – Canadian

3) Add links for vendor Sponsorship:
– A place near the top of the email dedicated to the 1 highest spending sponser
– Place a link for sponser under each breif section
+ Alternative to linked article under each section (if not possible):
The “Quick Links” area in the Main header of each section be dedicated to the #1 Vendor sponsor
(Example: Canadian Breif sponsored by X)

Format Changes:
1) Quick Links:
– Images should remain static for each article, typically 5 stock
images per policy breif (a month)
– Orange links – Are they anchors to bring user to articles listed below in the email,
or are they seperate articles? (they appear to be seperate articles)

2) Infopro Template:
– Change “salmon” text to the same Orange color used in Policy Breif emails
– Add anchor link for Infopro after the Precident/CEO section
+ Add a space for Quick Links under this
– Add the “salmon/pink” Infopro title bar to the Policy Breifs email
(Example: “Policy Briefs: September 2016” “InfoPro: September 2016”)
+ This should continue on future templates to have a consistent title structure

Client Question: Is the space where the ARMA Live image is a banner space or do we
have creative freedom in this area?

3) HTML Code Send (when completed):
– Send a copy of HTML codeof template to paste into Silverpop
– Images aren’t copying over, please send images or a zip file with HTML images included
that can be uploaded into Silverpop

Policy briefs:

industry news stories from Washington, Canada and Europe audience: members and friends


monthly update of what is going on in the association, promotes events, products, web seminars, call for volunteers, letter from president/ceo: audience: members (this newsletter could follow the first template that was sent over for a newsletter)


monthly newsletter of our take on headline stories in our industry audience: members and friends


monthly newsletter that lists resources we give to members and promotes usually three or four books/web seminars. Series of links under different categories. audience: professional members

Education news:

bi monthly newsletter, lists our industry web seminars that are being promoted that month…amount will vary, and will showcase our roundtables audience: members and friends

Conference template:

that email is (and the gold medal for…) attached. usually a content message describing a piece of conference we want to highlight. From education, to key note speaker, to networking events. Typically revolves around content. Goal of this template is to get people to register for conference. So always have a “register now” button and a hyperlinked banner to get them back to the site. Been trying to cut down on copy with these.

Basic template:

This email example is (what’s new to your ARMA membership) attached. this template is used for basic membership announcements, either to announce an event or what’s new to their membership. I had envisioned this template to always have a sidebar with a few spots to promote a publication or web seminar or reinforce to register for an event. I would see this one that could be manipulated for any new campaigns we have, such as recruitment and what not, where we would have to switch out a banner or two and that’s about it.

Promotional template:

This is the “automatically receive” email and the Friday flash sale email attached. Usually a promotion of a book and a discount or giving away a free product or something of the likes. Always from our bookstore.